The Best VPNs For Android Devices (Mobile & Tablet)

We all know the importance of securing our internet connections when we’re on laptops or computers. Most of us use VPNs to safeguard our identities and browse securely, but what about mobile devices we carry with us everyday that are so close to us?

The graph is shifting and more and more people are now using mobile devices to browse the internet. Hence, it is important to be secure on mobile devices, too. For this purpose, you will need the best VPN for Android.

We’ll cover the best VPN for iPhone in another article. For now, let’s move ahead and talk about the best VPN app for Android.

What Does a VPN Do on Android?

Shortened for Virtual Private Networks, VPNs protect your identity by securing your internet & network connection(s). They can mask your IP address by routing via servers all over the globe making the website believe you are in another location. This lets you enjoy geographically restricted content as well.

All in all, it can:

  • Hide your IP addresses.
  • Protect your device against hackers when you connect to a public network.
  • Change your location to access restricted content including Netflix (Unblock US).
  • Hide your online behavior from the government, hackers, and your ISP.
  • Allow you to use P2P networks and torrent applications without worries.
  • Put you at ease as you do not have to worry about your data.

Using A VPN with Android Apps: What To Look Out For

Generally speaking, the best VPN for Android works exactly how a VPN for computer does. However, believe it or not, the risk factor on mobile devices can be higher, especially due to the use of mobile apps that get access to a lot of information including:

  • Your phone number
  • The contacts saved on your phone
  • Your IMEI number
  • Your location through GPS tracking
  • Your Google Play ID

It is important to hide this information. It can be done in only two ways. You can either stop using mobile apps or use the best VPN app for Android. There is no other way around it.

You cannot use a mobile app without giving it access to your private information. While some apps are safe to use, some are known to steal information that they sell it to third parties or use for other malicious purposes.

You may find a free VPN for Android or look for paid versions. Let’s know more about the best VPNs for Android:

Should You Use Free Android VPNs?

It’s common for users to search for the best free VPN for Android After all, who wants to pay for VPNs?

You will find a number of options when you look for a free VPN for Android. Ideally speaking, you should stay away from free VPNs unless it is the best free unlimited VPN for Android, like The free version of the app comes with limited features but is quite good.

Most free VPNs do not provide adequate protection. If you do not want to pay for a VPN but wish to enjoy top-notch security then your best option is to count on trial versions.

A large number of service providers offer free versions to give you an idea about the service. Other than this, you may also buy a subscription and cancel it if it offers a money back guarantee to get your money back.

All in all, free VPNs for Android are not very reliable.

But There Are So Many Free VPNs Out There (So Everyone Says…)

Yes, there are. But, are they worth it? Nope. Run a search on Google Play Store and you will come across dozens of free VPNs, each claiming to be the best free unlimited VPN for Android.

Make it a point to stay away from such services as they may contain malicious software and harm your devices, according to a report by VirusTotal. Even if a VPN is safe to use, it may not provide you with the right level of protection.

In fact, a 2017 report by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) found that about 18% of the free Android VPNs found on Google Play Store didn’t encrypt traffic in their tunnels.

Here are some other problems associated with free VPN tools for Android:

  • Some may require access to your personal information putting your data at risk.
  • Many free VPNs use third-party tracking tools to provide you with protection.
  • About 18% of free apps do not provide details regarding the hosting entity and a similar number of providers may use peer-forwarding to manage traffic.
  • While all VPNs promise security and anonymity, about 86% of providers don’t tunnel DNS traffic and IPv6 due to a lack of resources.
  • About 16% of providers make use of non-transparent proxies to modify user’s HTTP traffic. This traffic manipulation technique is highly ineffective and risky.
  • Many free VPNs are known to block traffic and affect download and upload speeds in a negative manner.
  • A large number of VPN tools compromise your root-store and perform TLS interception.

Android VPN Features To Compare

It is important to choose the best VPN for Android so that you can enjoy full protection. Pay attention to the following features when selecting a VPN (better to be safe than sorry):

  • Jurisdiction: Ideally speaking, you should pick a VPN that is not based in the US due to the prevalent laws in the country. A VPN based in “safe’ zones like Switzerland is a better option.
  • Security Level: Pay attention to the level of security provided by the VPN. Different tools use different techniques for this purpose. AES encryption is the most reliable tool with the highest encryption level of 256.
  • Logging Policy: Make sure the VPN keeps no logs of IPs or data so that there’s no risk of your private information leaking out.
  • Android VPN App Availability: Check if the app is available for Android devices. Not all VPNs work on Android phones and tablets, hence this is important.
  • WiFi Features: Ensure the app protects you when you connect to a public WiFi network. This is important to ensure nobody can break into your device.
  • The Speed of VPN: Some VPNs can affect your download and upload speeds. This can make it impossible to download files or stream content so pay special attention to this factor.
  • Ease of Use: VPNs are generally easy to set up and use but some can be complicated. Hence, be careful when selecting one. You must know how to set up a VPN on Android so that you don’t get confused.

Our 7 Top VPNs for Android Devices in 2019

We have enlisted seven of the best VPNs for Android devices in 2019. Let’s have a look at our picks:


With a rating of 4.4 and over 80,000 installs, this Panama-based VPN is quite popular. It blocks malware and protects your WiFi connection as well.

The tool can unblock Hulu, Netflix, iPlayer and other geographically restriction platforms so you can enjoy unlimited downloads and streaming.

It offers six simultaneous connections and servers in 61 locations. Plus, there are no logs and you can buy dedicated IPs for extra charges.

Pros Cons
30-day money back guarantee Doesn’t offer port forwarding
Automatic updates Some features are available only at an additional cost
High encryption level with a kill switch Inconsistent support


Launched in 2009, this Virgin Islands-based provider is among the oldest in the business. It has been downloaded over 70,000 times from the Play Store and is among the most popular Android VPNs.

It offers over 90 countries, allowing you to stream Netflix, too. The VPN keeps no logs and doesn’t affect speeds either.

Pros Cons
30-day money back guarantee Very expensive
Excellent 24/7 customer support Limited features and options
High level of 256-bit encryption Only offers 3 simultaneous connections


This Swiss VPN is known for its customer-friendly policies and excellent security features such as the Chameleon System. However, since most of its 700 servers are concentrated in the US, Asia, and Europe, it may not work very well in other regions.

The app is very easy to use and comes with some great features. You can select from 70+ global servers that keep WiFi connections secure and produce no logs.

Pros Cons
A large number of payment options Keeps connection logs for 30 days
Excellent 24/7 customer support Very expensive
The app is very easy to use May not work well in some countries

F-Secure Mobile Security Freedom VPN

F-Secure offers a large number of tools including a VPN for Android. This service is specifically made for mobile devices and comes with additional features if you buy the whole package that lets you even block unwanted calls and locate missing devices.

It lets you access blocked content while also keeping your WiFi connection secure.

Pros Cons
Available in multiple languages Only supports Android 5.0 or later
30-day free trial A little confusing to use
Multiple packages are available with additional perks Might be too expensive for some users


TunnerBear is popular due to its free version but you will have to buy a premium package if you wish to enjoy all the features as the free version offers limited bandwidth.

It creates no logs and offers a very high level of encryption. It has servers in only 22 countries but the speed is quite reliable.

The independently audited tool remains on at all times and has a unique Map System that makes it easy to use.

Pros Cons
The free version is great A limited number of servers
High level of 256-bit encryption Some servers may not work well
Offers excellent speeds The free version comes with restrictions

Hideman Mobile

Hideman is unique as it is only available for mobile devices. You can use the free version to get the idea of the service. However, the free version comes with some cons including logs and limited bandwidth. There are no such restrictions in the case of the paid version.

It has servers in 20 countries but most are based in Canada and North America but the speed in these regions is quite good. Other than this, it supports torrents and allows you to access geographically restricted content as well.

Pros Cons
Free version is available Limited number of servers
Mobile-only plans are very affordable Poor customer support
The user interface is great A limited number of payment methods

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access offers a unique mix of security features with great performance. It is quite affordable and has over 3,279 servers in 33 countries.

The VPN offers good speeds making it a suitable option to enjoy gaming or streaming. It encrypts WiFi and lets you block ads and malware as well. The VPN can support up to 5 devices at once and is suitable for P2P sharing, too.

The system keeps no logs and comes with SOCKS5 Proxy.

Pros Cons
7-day free trial May not work well in some locations
Very good speeds Customer service could’ve been better
Highly affordable The design is not very impressive

Best VPN for Android: FAQ

Are VPNs illegal to Use on Android?

No, VPNs are completely legal to use. You only need to make sure you do not indulge in illegal activities while using VPNs. However, rules may differ from country to country.

How Can I Install A Vpn on My Android Device?

Download the software only from the Play Store or official site. Do not trust other sites. Most installation files are small and easy to download. Install the software by following the on-screen instructions and you’ll be done.

You can read about how to connect to VPN on Android to make sure you face no problems later on.

Can Someone Track Me When Using a VPN for An Android Phone?

Not if you choose a reliable tool and know how to use VPN on Android. Untrusted VPNs may not provide the same level of security.


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