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About US

We are a united team of devoted cybersecurity researchers who have been working in the market of encryption protocols and VPNs for years. We are true enthusiasts, passionate about data security, and we have already tested hundreds of VPN providers and their products. Therefore, our reviews and recommendations are not based on mere advertising but on thorough research and expertise.

We offer our users an honest and committed tool for navigating VPNs and preserving web privacy. We are happy to be on your side by providing you with the most reliable and detailed information on everything related to VPNs. Our mission is to help you navigate the Internet world with complete confidentiality and anonymity.

Our experts

How do we test products?

STEP 1. Search for interesting
and popular products

We understand that security is your priority while using a VPN. That is why we choose the most interesting VPNs with military-grade encryption and a wide range of protocols for testing. We also look for VPNs with DNS leak protection having a kill-switch. We pay attention to their popularity and pricing policies as well.

STEP 2. Buying accounts
and preparing for testing

We buy an account and use a product for a while to test it. We are interested in the VPN accessibility, ease of downloading and installation, and payment methods the provider offers. Smooth and effortless contacts with customer support teams also matter a lot before and within the trial period.

STEP 3. Testing
and recording results

We test the VPN’s ease of use, its connections to the suitable servers at different locations, the product’s speed and the range of devices it is compatible with. We also test all the possible DNS, IP-address, and WebRTC leaks. Finally, we write down the results to compare them to those of other VPNs and provide consistent recommendations.